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Cassandria Daiva

Live soulful techno.

Cassandria Daiva performs uplifting, heart-warming, soulful techno sets infused with a touch of house, on Ableton Live. A groovy proposition with a wide appeal that reaches underground music lovers and mainstream party goers alike.

DJ Sets

Driven by her passion for DJing as an artform, Cassandria has spent over 2 decades perfecting her skills on vinyl turntables. And it shows. Her soul-shaking vinyl-only DJ sets are a tribute to the underground roots of our music scene.


From Germany to Romania passing by Belgium, USA, Latin America and numerous other imprints worldwide, Cassandria's music has been signed all over the world.



On an early morning of the late 90’s in a dark warehouse, Cassandria Daiva was born from the illegitimate union of house grooves and techno riffs…

Many years later, she embarked on a quest to preserve her bastard family heritage, now in peril due to the rise of the EDM empire and the commoditization of music....

Equipped only with family relics of old – SL-1200’s turntables, a rotary mixer and a decrepit analog tube compressor – she battles against mainstream currents and the armies of General Mediocrity to preserve the lost art of DJing and the genuine sound of the underground.

On that Journey, she’s established herself as a serious, dedicated underground artist. Cassandria is also a prolific music producer and remixer. With her experience behind the decks, this progression came naturally as she gave birth to many releases and exciting remixes on various imprints worldwide. In 2012 she set her home-base in Dominican Republic, representing the international world-renowned brand DJ Mag on the island and throughout the Caribbean.

In 2014, back in her hometown, Montreal, she launched her own vinyl imprint “Vibeline” with the aim to create a dynamic tangible platform for established and emerging artists and went on to extend collaboration with Montreal-grown music collective The Ants.

Taking input from her coach and mentor, old timer and industry veteran Mike Monday, Cassandria continued to work on her music and career development before relocating to the Caribbean once again in 2016.

This time she set foot on Utila, a lush and eclectic party island off the coast of Honduras.

Always keen on hatching evil plans for world domination against the mainstream EDM empire, Cassandria founded Utila Sound Society: an independant event promotion company. Today, Utila Sound Society has grown into a major player in Central America`s electronic music scene, with highly acclaimed monthly events where sound quality and good vibes are put forward for the benefit of tourists and locals.

As the resistance against the failing EDM empire continues to spread, the relentless artist now reaches for a new frontier with her uplifting live sets which she debuted at Igloofest in 2018. Cassandria is now working on her first full length album: Analog Reflections.



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